Secret Santa 2011 !!

Embrace Secret Santa 2011 !!
*If you didn’t get your assignment yet, PM ~Sarang~ or Cereal yum! for it*

***special thanks to ~Sarang~ for volunteering to be this year’s Santa***

Here’s how it will work:
1. ~Sarang~ will privately tell each participant who they are responsible for giving a gift to. Keep the person you’re giving a gift to a secret !!!!

The rules for the gift are as follows:

a) it can be one item or combination of multiple items as long as the total worth of all items added together is not more than 20m.

b) For example: one nid shadow garb = not ok (value more than 20m)

Macho man glasses + snowman hat = ok (~4m + ~10m = 14m < 20m)

c) Gifts can be consumable, equipment, or etc items.

2. Embrace Christmas party will be 12/17 after saturday war of emperium. Everyone has to go!

3. At that time everyone needs to deal their gift to ~Sarang~.

4. ~Sarang~ will call each person up one by one to get their gift.

5. After all gifts are distributed we will have a guessing game. Each person will get *one* try to guess who their secret Santa was. Think carefully! Those who guess right will get an extra gift from Embrace. In the spirit of holiday fun please do not cheat!

Contact Forest or ~Sarang~ if you want to participate.

Here’s the list of people so far.

  • Forest
  • ~Sarang~
  • MrStick
  • Star Scream
  • My Chemical Bromance
  • Account
  • iB0mb
  • asdf?
  • Honest-
  • ~bishi~
  • Neighbor
  • iChase
  • Kylisa
  • Pang Cake
  • Veyris

Embrace Christmas Emblem Contest!!

Contest is over, congratulations to ~Sarang~ for her winning submission!

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